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FRCS 101 (Hargrave): Find Background Info

City of Paris Assignment

For Professor Hargrave's class, you are asked:

1. What does your film tell us about how Paris is defined as a city? 

2. How does using film help you to better understand the monuments, architecture, streets,
people, culture, or society of Paris, as well as the relationships between fiction and reality?

Credo Reference


Other Resources for Background Info

If you use Wikipedia, make sure and remember to use the Library Journals tab to see if we own a journal you wish to use.

Use Google and search for city guides and tourist office resources for Paris, but check that it is Paris, France, and not Paris, KY or Paris, TX!

Alie Ward Podcast Metropolitan Tombology (PARIS CATACOMBS) with Dr. Erin-Marie Legacey — alie ward

 (Links under these podcasts are useful) 
Historical Library of the City of Paris

Alie Ward Podcast : I Go France and Learn Weird France Stuff

 (Links under these podcasts are useful) 

College of Charleston Streaming Media Databases: